Company Overview
FDS aims to provide the best-in-class products and value-added services for our customers in the solar, semiconductor and other hi-tech areas focused on gas and chemical delivery.
We intend to be our customer's one stop shop for Sales, Service and Support for the products we represent and sell. With over 35 years of combined technology based experience in semiconductors, bio-tech and solar industries, FDS is well positioned to be a leader in its class.
Core Competencies
FDS's Core Competencies are
  • Component representation for high purity gas mass flow controller (MFC) and measurement, pressure and vacuum measurement, Liquid Flow control (LFC) and measurement for slurries and solid/liquid medium
  • Spares Distribution of Delatech, Ecosys, ATMI and other brands (Vector, Guardian, Marathon) previously owned by Applied Materials
  • Optimization of delivery systems in an entire fab
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